give me a business idea about a sketch panting i can send to the public bus i don't have more money

Aditya Barapatre
The following are the creative, novel ideas generated by AhaApple using AI + brainstorming techniques + innovative techniques simultaneously:
  1. Elon Musk: Utilize reusable materials and create sketch painting kits for the public to participate in creating art that can be displayed on public buses.
  2. Thomas Edison: Develop a special paint that lights up in the dark and create unique sketch painting designs to brighten up the exterior of public buses during nighttime.
  3. Steve Jobs: Create a digital platform where artists can submit their sketch paintings for public buses, allowing for easy sharing and access for the public without the need for physical marketing.
  4. George Lucas: Collaborate with local schools to hold sketch painting competitions for students, and use the winning designs to adorn public buses as a way of showcasing young talent.
  5. Oscar Wilde: Create an interactive mobile app that allows users to customize and submit their own sketch paintings for public buses, promoting individual creativity and expression.
  6. Jeff Bezos: Launch an online marketplace for artists to sell their sketch paintings to be featured on public buses, providing a new revenue stream for struggling artists.
  7. Jack Ma: Partner with a printing company to produce limited edition sketch paintings that can be sold to the public, with a portion of the proceeds going towards funding public bus advertisements.
  8. Ray Dalio: Organize a community art project where individuals can contribute to a large-scale sketch painting that will be displayed on public buses, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.
  9. Kevin Kelly: Create a subscription service where users can receive new sketch paintings each month to be displayed on public buses, encouraging ongoing engagement and support for the arts.
  10. Mark Anderson: Develop a line of environmentally-friendly sketch painting materials and promote the message of sustainability and art through public bus displays.
  11. Dennis Ritchie: Utilize technology to create augmented reality sketch paintings that can be overlaid on public buses, offering a modern and interactive approach to public art.
  12. Marie Curie: Use glow-in-the-dark paint to create sketch paintings that raise awareness for important social causes, such as health campaigns or charitable events, when displayed on public buses.
  13. Mark Zuckerberg: Leverage social media platforms to crowdsource sketch painting designs from the public and use the most popular submissions for public bus advertisements, engaging the community in the artistic process.
  14. Sam Altman: Organize a series of pop-up art events in various neighborhoods to showcase sketch paintings that will later be featured on public buses, creating a buzz and sense of anticipation for the bus ads.
  15. Ernest Hemingway: Create a storytelling component to the sketch paintings, where artists can incorporate written narratives into their designs, adding an extra layer of depth and meaning to the public bus advertisements.
  16. Bill Gates: Implement a charitable aspect to the business model, where a percentage of proceeds from sketch painting sales and public bus ad revenue are donated to support art education programs in schools.
  17. Robert Shangel Jr.: Establish partnerships with local businesses to sponsor and promote sketch painting campaigns for public buses, increasing the visibility and impact of the art displays.
  18. Mario Moretti: Integrate traditional art techniques with digital elements, creating a unique fusion of styles for the sketch paintings featured on public buses, appealing to a wide audience.
  19. John Crane: Organize art workshops in conjunction with public bus art installations, allowing the community to learn about sketch painting and participate in creating their own designs for future displays.
  20. Kurzweil: Implement cutting-edge technology such as QR codes or NFC tags on the public bus sketch paintings, allowing viewers to interact with the artwork and access additional content or information about the artist and their work.