AhaApple Brainstorming Techniques FAQ

1 What's Random Word Techniques

Random Word Techniques are methods used to stimulate creativity and encourage brainstorming by introducing randomness into the thought process. By introducing an element of randomness, individuals are encouraged to break away from conventional thinking patterns, leading to more unique and innovative thought pathways. By employing Random Word Techniques, you can break free from mental fixedness, encourage bold exploration, and stimulate creativity. This approach helps unleash imagination, leading to more unconventional ideas and providing fresh perspectives for problem-solving and innovation.

2 What's Scamper Techniques

Scamper Techniques are a creative thinking method used to stimulate creativity and uncover new ideas. It is an acronym, with each letter representing a heuristic question to help you brainstorm when problem-solving or seeking new solutions.

S: Substitute - Can you substitute any element or step?

C: Combine - Can you combine different elements or steps?

A: Adapt - Can you adapt to different contexts or change some factors?

M: Modify - Can you modify or adjust certain parts?

P: Put to another use - Can you use it for a different purpose?

E: Eliminate - Can you eliminate certain elements or steps?

R: Rearrange - Can you rearrange elements or steps to create new combinations?

3 What's TRIZ

TRIZ stands for "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving." It is a systematic innovation method founded by the Russian engineer Genrich Altshuller.

The core idea of TRIZ is that many common technical problems have universal solutions. Therefore, by learning and applying these universal patterns, one can more efficiently find solutions and foster creativity and innovation.

TRIZ is widely used in engineering, innovation, product design, and other fields. It stimulates creativity, aids in solving complex problems, and helps discover excellent creative and innovative solutions.

4 What's Six Thinking Hats

The Six Thinking Hats is a systematic thinking tool introduced by Edward de Bono. It uses different colored "thinking hats" to represent various thinking roles, helping teams or individuals to think more systematically and comprehensively during problem-solving, decision-making, and brainstorming processes.

Each thinking hat represents a different role, including:

  1. Blue Hat: This role is responsible for organizing and managing the thinking process, controlling the discussion's pace and direction.

  2. White Hat: Focuses on facts and information, collects data, and conducts objective analysis and evaluation.

  3. Red Hat: Represents emotions and intuition, expressing personal feelings and opinions without needing to provide reasons or justifications.

  4. Black Hat: Focuses on examining the risks, obstacles, and negative impacts of the problem, providing cautious and critical evaluations.

  5. Yellow Hat: Focuses on positive factors and benefits, providing optimistic assessments and speculations.

  6. Green Hat: Represents creativity and innovation, generating new ideas and solutions, and driving brainstorming sessions.

5 What's Celebrity Techniques

Generate new ideas based on the personalities and traits of some very creative celebrities

6 What's Ideas Big Bong

Random association of ideas based on your historical questions and ideas. The more you use it, the more useful and powerful it will be.

7 What's First Principle Techniques

First principles is a basic thinking method in science and innovation, which emphasizes understanding the essence of things by decomposing problems into the most basic and indivisible elements or principles. This approach is commonly used to understand phenomena in nature and to find new solutions in the fields of engineering, science and innovation.

The first-principles approach encourages us to start with the basic composition and principles of things, go beyond the traditional thinking mode, and find new solutions. This approach has broad applications in science, engineering and innovation, helping to create more groundbreaking results.

8 What's Default Techniques

A mix of the above techniques.