1. What financial challenges do university-based startups face when trying to grow their business?

rasoul noormohammadi
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  1. Creative topic: Implementing a mentorship program for university-based startups to navigate financial challenges
  2. Creative topic: Creating a crowdfunding platform specifically for university-based startups
  3. Creative topic: Developing a specialized financial literacy course for university-based startup founders
  4. Creative topic: Exploring partnerships with financial institutions to provide tailored financial solutions for university-based startups
  5. Creative topic: Organizing a summit on financial strategies for university-based startups
  6. Related topic: Access to venture capital for university-based startups
  7. Related topic: Strategies for cost-effective marketing and branding for university-based startups
  8. Related topic: Government grants and funding opportunities for university-based startups
  9. Related topic: Collaborative research opportunities to increase revenue for university-based startups
  10. Related topic: Innovation in financial technology for university-based startups
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